Protection of personal data


The administrator of the website is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), bound to protect the personal data of its users. For the purposes of carrying out its services, it collects the information provided by the user through one of the forms on the website: the name, e-mail, and the user name that the user enters into the forms on the site. For security purposes, IP addresses are also collected from which users access the site.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the website administrator undertakes to permanently protect personal data against loss, abuse or unauthorized access. The operator will use the information only for communication with the user and the information will not be forwarded to third parties. The data is kept and used only until your cancellation, which can be sent at any time to our e-mail address: We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information entered by the user.

All sub-sites of, where we will ask you for your personal information, are protected using the SSL protocol and run through the encrypted connection. Upon your request, we will update or delete any of your personal information that we have in our database. Moreover, you will be also able to edit and review all the information that you provided to us.

When visiting our site, some data (IP address, date, time, page address from which you are entering) are stored on the server. These data are anonymous and are used only for statistical evaluation.


Use of cookies

When visiting our website, a cookie may be stored on your disk if your web browser allows them to be used. Cookies can help you with the future visits of our website.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that saves your web settings. It is transferred through the browser during the first visit to the website. The next time you return to the website via the same device, the browser can verify that a related cookie is present (i.e., the one containing the website page name), and it can use the data from the cookie and send it back to the website page. This allows websites to recognize that the user has previously visited them, and in some cases they can  adjust the displayed content.

Cookies are harmless to your computer and do not store personal information. With stored encrypted information cookies provide some basic functions of the website and help to improve your experience on the website. At the same time cookies enable us to inspect the use of our website.

The purpose of the cookies is to save your preferences and other information on the website, which helps us improve our website. We do not use cookies to collect personal information.